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New garage door repair and installation services

New garage door repair and installation services

Do you need a company to help with your garage door in Auburn Washington? Alliance Garage Doors is available 24/7 with professional technicians on standby.

Is there an issue with your garage door? If you are having a problem with your garage door, you might be a little worried as to what there might be to do for a solution. The thing is, garage doors usually break at the worst time.

We offer services for the following in Auburn, Washington:

You might be driving up your drive way after a long day of work, ready to take a load off on the couch and relax, when suddenly your garage door gets stuck halfway open. Uh oh! What are you supposed to do if your garage door is stuck in a certain spot and won’t completely close?

Unfortunately a stuck or jammed garage door must be cared for very quickly. It is hard to leave an issue like a stuck garage door unless you do not have anything of value in your garage. Stuck garage doors leave homes prone to home invasion and thieves. So if you are worried about someone taking advantage of the fact that your garage door is stuck open, you are definitely worried about the right thing.

Garage Springs, Openers, Cables, and More

Get your garage door back in working order by hiring a professional garage door repair team like us

Get your garage door back in working order by hiring a professional garage door repair team like us

After thinking for a while about what you should consider as far as options for repair services go, you might consider hiring a professional company. We are a professional garage door repair company who specializes in garage door openers, including both sales and installation. So we are an all in one solution if you are wanting to shop around for garage door openers, as well as get them installed on your property at a reasonable rate.

A broken garage door opener wil leave you there, wondering how on earth you are going to get back into your garage. The solution is simple. You are going to have to trust a professional company to come out and have a look at it, so that they can tell you if anything will be needing replacement or repair.

Luckily, you have found our business. We are the best garage door repair company in the area and we specialize in all garage door openers repair and maintenance. Our prices are significantly cheaper than the other guy because we take certain steps to cut costs.

Trying to open your garage door but it just won't work?

Trying to open your garage door but it just won't work?

Sometimes, you will want to get in touch with a garage door repair company, but when you start dialing phone numbers nobody picks up. This may leave you frustrated and wondering whether you are ever going to be able to get the garage door repaired. This is not the case with our business, though. We are in business to provide the absolute top quality service for our customers.

What this means is that when you are wanting to get in touch with us, we will make sure that we are available to you. You will be able to call our office and speak to a real human being 100% of the time. We try to never let any calls go to voicemail.

Get in touch with our company if you are hoping to get a new garage door opener installed, or are shopping for a new garage door opener.

Maintenance and Repairs

We have decades of experience in garage door repairs.

No matter what the problem with your garage door is, Alliance Garage Doors offers all services required to fix your garage door. Whether it is a broken string replacement, a broken cable or a problem with your garage door opener, all you have to do is call us, Alliance Garage Doors, at 253.617.3233 and book a consultation with us. Alternatively you can drop by our office on1268 E Main St #118, Auburn, WA 98002, as walk-ins are always welcome.

Alliance Garage Doors offer spring replacement - whether it is broken torsion springs or extension springs. We keep in our stock, springs for one-piece, one-piece curtain, rolling steel and many other garage doors. It does not matter whether you are a commercial, residential or industrial establishment. In anticipating garage door emergencies, our technicians are highly skilled in handling all such emergencies for a variety of clients and garage doors!

The most common problems with garage doors occur with the springs, which often need to be replaced or readjusted. This should never be done by anyone who is not a technician or mechanic. The slightest mistake in moving or replacing the spring cannot only cause damage to your property but can also cause injury to person. If you think you have a broken spring, you should not, under any circumstances, attempt to replace it yourself.

Neither should you continue to use a garage door with a broken spring as this can cause additional damage to not only your door but also your property. Garage door springs have, like most other parts, a limited lifespan. The proper use of a spring can be determined from its usage. The spring is used every time the garage door is opened or closed. The springs most commonly come with a lifespan of 10,000 cycles.

This is then determined by the frequency of the use of your garage door. If your garage door is used twice daily then the spring will last about 14 years. If it is used four times daily then it will last for around seven years. If it is used about six times in a day then the spring will last for about five years and if your garage door is used eight times a day then the spring will last for about three years. Once the spring completes its life span it will weaken which can cause it to break. It is thus important to have the spring checked and replaced before it breaks.

Sometimes the photo-eyes of the garage door need to be realigned and with it often worn sprockets and gears too require replacement. Alliance Garage Doors carries out all checks including those for broken garage door cables, panel replacement and the repair of various parts of the garage door, weather seal replacement, the repair of opener remotes, roller replacements and bent track replacements, as a part of their routine maintenance checks so that bigger problems with your garage door can be avoided altogether.